2048 Battles

Enjoy the classic game up to 8 players!


Play with history and rediscover various trivia. Play with friends or enemies with three different modes and yup to 8 players! Enjoy classic 2048, move game, time game and more! Try different puzzle game situations, play alone or in multiplayer, and travel through different history periods.


Game can be played up to 8 players! Try 2 players, 4 players and 8 players mode!




Category: Simulation, Strategy
  • 1_Combine_buildings_from_various_cultures_into_increasingly_bigger_buildings.jpg
  • 2_Up_to_8_players_local_multiplayer_with_optional_sabotage_power-ups.jpg
  • 3_Multiple_styles_of_plain_numbered_sets_for_purists.jpg