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Baltoro Games stands with Ukraine

Baltoro Games stands with Ukraine

We can’t stand by injustice and unfounded aggression happening beyond our eastern border. It’s hard to focus on game development, when human lives, rights and freedom are threatened just a couple of kilometers east.

As a Polish game studio, we want to show solidarity with our neighbors, that’s why we decided to donate a lump sum of 30 000 PLN to the Polish Humanitarian Action „SOS Ukraine” fundraiser. Also, all the profits earned from DLC’s to our games in the next month, will be donated to the cause.

The response to this crisis from all sides of the world in the last few days has been mind-blowing. Proving to us that in the face of tragedy we are able to come together and help, inspiring us to believe that a better future, one without war, can be built.

Stay Strong Ukraine!