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Are you looking for a chance to score some free games this holiday season? Look no further! Our Xmas Giveaway event is here to deliver. Every day until New Year's, we'll be dropping 10 random game codes in the rewards channel of our Baltoro Games community discord server. We'll specify the game title, platform, and region applicable to each code, so you'll know exactly what you're getting. The code drops will happen at different times each day, so be sure to

Previously available on Nintendo Switch, Knights & Guns is a mash-up between shmup and pang-style games. The game brings you to a dangerous world where you will fight solo or alongside your friend, against demons, ghouls & ghosts. Use shotguns, lasers and the power of chivalry to overcome your obstacles. Become the best version of a knight - one with a gun.

This fun puzzle game that you know from Nintendo Switch will be available this Friday on Xbox store! Bring harmony into the chaos of street traffic in this chill action puzzle game. Urban Flow is a game about (avoiding) Traffic Disasters. Play by yourself or with your friends in scalable drop-in, drop-out local co-op mode for two, three, or four players! You can help your friends or be a little rascal and spread the chaos! Watch out for special vehicles - make way for

A strange little place full of fish from all around the world. Nobody is quite sure why, and it seems like most people don't really care to find out. Go ahead, sink your lure and see what you can catch. In Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia, you play as a young kid who decided to fish at the lake. You'll find yourself simply fishing the day away and trading them in for a yummy meal or some new gear. Made by

We can’t stand by injustice and unfounded aggression happening beyond our eastern border. It's hard to focus on game development, when human lives, rights and freedom are threatened just a couple of kilometers east. As a Polish game studio, we want to show solidarity with our neighbors, that's why we decided to donate a lump sum of 30 000 PLN to the Polish Humanitarian Action "SOS Ukraine" fundraiser. Also, all the profits earned from DLC’s to our games in the next