Test your skill and expand your vocabulary in an arcade world of neons, fractals, and electronic trance music!


Transceleation is a flashy abstract action game that will expand your language skills and vocabulary while you navigate colorful, ever-changing worlds to the sound of rousing electronic beats. The game is a combination of a classic arcade feel and gamified learning techniques - designed to make mastering new words feel like going out clubbing and staying in to play video games at the same time. You won’t even notice you’re learning!


Enjoy the fast-paced action while the game challenges you to associate and memorize new words from the language of your choosing. Or - if you really don’t feel like learning today - launch the Arcade Mode just for fun and score wicked combos as the neon lights and electronic trance music incite your senses. Become a Trancelator, today!




Category: Learning, Music, Puzzle


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